Brandon Hall HOA Amenities Overview

Pool House

Our pool house is home to the restrooms and a shower. The pool house deck has an emergency telephone and a few tables for resident use.  


Our neighborhood pool opens in May and closes at the end of September. The pool is home to movie and ice cream nights, hosted by the Brandon Hall social committee.  Access to the pool is through a gate which is opened with a key fob. HOA dues must be paid and current for key fob to work. Lifeguards are provided during the summer months and weekends.  

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts at Brandon Hall were recently resurfaced. Our neighborhood hosts ALTA play and individual non-team play. We utilize "Reserve My Court" to reserve courts for play.  


Our playground recently underwent an overhaul and received a new rubber mulch, which should last longer, and a drainage issue was addressed. 

Basketball Court

The Basketball Court at Brandon Hall is used by all ages. No reservation system used.